· Software Consulting
ZTH Tech's expert consultants have the technical knowledge and business experience to ensure the optimization of the development process in alignment with basic business principles. Our team is continually exposed to the latest and best practices in the industry to deliver a creative, and most importantly an effective approach to your technology issues.

· Software Analysis and Design

We provide software analysis and design required for an effective business solution. We combine these elements to create customized solutions that solve particular challenges our customers face in today's every-changing economy and marketplace.

· Software Development
Our team of experienced programmers and consultants create solutions based on your unique specifications to give you the most competitive edge. Our understanding of core business principles translates into an efficient, solution-based approach to developing software applications for you that really work.

· Web Design
We can build online systems and web based applications that will strike the right balance between convenience and functionality. With particular attention to your core requirements, ZTH Tech Inc. can build accurate and innovative Internet/Intranet solutions.

· Project Management
Our experienced team of professionals can provide the most efficient project management, as we ourselves adhere to strict project management guidelines. ZTH Tech Inc. will analyze the initial integration plan, review procedures, tools & systems and construct a development plan to ensure a smooth integration process throughout every step of your project.

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