Brief Description of Services:

ZTH Tech Inc. empowers companies with the services and software to enable business value. This vision has enabled us to expand and upgrade ourselves technologically whenever needed and required. Our name - ZTH Tech Inc. - stands for the dynamic and relentless intelligence needed to compete in the ever-expanding marketplace.

Whether it's the software we provide or the solutions we employ, ZTH Tech Inc. understands that the business community desires dynamic, effective and affordable solutions. We are pioneers in crafting solutions where no previous models exist. Our expertise has the capabilities to solve the complexities associated with thin client architecture, Enterprise Resource Planning, and e-business.

ZTH Tech Inc. has one goal : To push the limits of the capabilities of the solutions we provide, never sacrificing usability, always maximizing functionality. Our services and technology tools are what make this possible.

We can provide and have extensive expertise in providing the following services:

· Software Consulting
· Software Analysis and Design
· Software Development
· Web Design
· Project Management

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  We help you make the right business decisions that solve your business objectives and strategically reposition your company for the future.