Our core competence is the disciplined step-by-step approach towards delivering a solution which empowers us to deliver every project in a timely & effective manner while ensuring maximum outcome. In short, this helps us in thoroughly understanding the needs and goals of our client's business and allows us to maintain a high standard for delivering solutions.

Our 5-step approach is an in-depth discovery process that includes a needs analysis covering your company's positioning, goals, industry, target audience and competitive situation, as well as information architecture, technical requirements, delivery model & support.

· Listen
The first step to any solution always remains the same. We listen to you and determine your precise needs. Our solutions are always tailored to our client's individual business and industry requirements. This first step ensures that we identify & interpret our client's objectives and rapidly develop & deploy solutions which are in line with the objectives.

· Analyze
We then analyze your existing system and identify project objectives, conceptual framework, evaluate alternatives, formulate strategies and implementation.

· Develop
This is the actual process of converting objectives into actual solutions, this entire process has two parts:

A. System Design:

  We start the actual system design and in the process identify initial flow, best possible architecture and initial selection of tools & technologies.

B. System Programming:

  We choose actual platforms and tools to be used in this process. We use our expertise to exactly produce and refine the system at its development stages while following strict quality assurance policies & procedures; this involves continuous internal testing of the system at different milestones and debugging wherever required.

· Implementation
After completion of the development process we implement a 'Beta Version' of the system for our clients to test and try out. During the process the system is continuously edited as per client's exact requirement which in the end insures a smooth yet completely user-friendly system.

· Support
Ultimately it is our 'After Sales Support' that makes us stand out from our competition. We keep a completely open line with our clients for communication which ensures maximum satisfaction. The 'Remote Working' model is one of our hallmark support procedures where we can provide support even without our personnel being on site, this enables our client's to get support without prolonged delays. Our team of programmers will also update delivered systems (if required) to maintain the highest level of satisfaction and quality with our clients.

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  August 4th, 2003 ZTH Tech Inc. became a proud Business Partner with Softline AccountMate. ZTH will now be providing customization and consulting services to AccountMate clients.