The Client:

Pomerantz Paper & International Concept Inc.

The Product:

Tally Accounting Package
The system is built on the latest industry standards, multi-user operating system Windows NT/2K/XP. With inherent advanced features and fast development environment of Visual Basic .Net as its development platform and front-end, the user interface makes the entry, navigation and usage of the application so easy and fast that it literally puts records, lookups, and reports on the user's finger tips.

Selecting a scalable and dynamic Database Management System i.e. SQL Server 2000, this software package is capable of handling large volumes of data with high-speed computation, reliability and security. This package is designed to keep manual entries at a minimum and to automate all related updates and computations. At the same time it provides instant access to the required information.

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  August 4th, 2002 ZTH Tech Inc. became a proud Business Partner with Softline AccountMate. ZTH will now be providing customization and consulting services to AccountMate clients.