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HouseMaster PCExpress
Housemaster is in the business of home inspection. ZTH Tech designed and developed this Home Inspection application, which allows inspectors to record and report their inspections. The reporting was implemented in Crystal Reports and this added the feature of exporting the reports to PDF format and allowed the user to email the reports to the clients or a web server. The format and the business rules were designed and developed by ZTH Tech.

PCExpress is a distributed Property Inspection Reporting application. It is used by inspectors to record their detail findings and assessment of the property. The result is a set of professional reports that can be printed or exported to PDF format. One of the greatest challenges was to allow easy entry and navigation since this application will be used on site by the inspectors. The interface has been designed to streamline the entry and reporting process thus reducing the entry time to a minimum.

Housemaster Up loader
we designed and developed Housemaster Data transfer application. This application has 2 modules: the "client module" and the "Server module". The Client module pulls the data from access database and uploads it on FTP server in timely fashion. The server module checks the data on the FTP sever, if data has arrived then pulls it into the local directory and parses the data into the sequel server for data warehousing.

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  August 4th, 2002 ZTH Tech Inc. became a proud Business Partner with Softline AccountMate. ZTH will now be providing customization and consulting services to AccountMate clients.