The Product:

Call Analysis Tool

This software provides tracking of inbound and outbound calls. The open-ended design allows interfacing these products with any type of service the telecommunication companies create. Extensive pre-canned text reports, graphs and maps are included which can be used for evaluating budgeting to marketing needs. Advanced features such as creating customized reports, grouping the data by the corporate structure and re-billing provide more detailed analysis.

This is a managerial reporting and analyzing tool for MIS. The application was customized according to the individual needs of each of our clients. Individual clients' needs vary according to their geographical location. Individual clients have different business rules, front-end and back-end needs and sometimes they want different reporting tools to be incorporated with the application.

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  August 4th, 2002 ZTH Tech Inc. became a proud Business Partner with Softline AccountMate. ZTH will now be providing customization and consulting services to AccountMate clients.